Behind the Barrier seems to allude to a pretty specific place, maybe one with dense forest and a worn footpath traveled by beautiful young women in short black dresses.

The Barrier is actually the Seclusion Barrier, a 700-sq-mile walled territory near the center of Washington State. The town of Seclusion was founded in 1604, well before any known Europeans had traveled that far west. Through a treaty with the United States government, Seclusion has been able to stay unincorporated, though residents do consider themselves residents of Washington State.

The Barrier is home to several small communities. The largest of these is the town of Seclusion, the Barrier’s namesake. The second largest is the VHAMA campus, six miles northeast of the Barrier’s capital.

What is VHAMA, you ask? I can give you ten different descriptions, but I’ll boil it down to two. Maybe three.

  1. VHAMA is my life-long obsession . . . or it has been since I was 12 years old.
  2. VHAMA is Victory Heights Academy for something or other (or is it of something or other?)
  3. VHAMA is, at its most basic, a boarding school for the direct descendants of William Naidraug and his companions.
  4. VHAMA is one of those classic, worn-out stories: boy meets girl, girl joins boy’s army, boy’s wife’s ex-boyfriend’s brother swears revenge on boy for said wife’s death.

Okay, so I gave you four descriptions. That, however, is VHAMA in a nutshell.

As for the Barrier, you’ll have to read the books to find out the rest of its history.


Oh, you want more? I suppose I could give you more. What about the people of VHAMA?

The character that started it all: Harry Potter Devin Naidraug

Full name: Devona Eryn Naidraug
Age: 14
Sex: F
History: Dev is the third of four children. Her father is a minister. Her mother is a stay-at-home-mom/housewife/secretly awesome naysayer of stupid ideas.
Was that always her full name? No. In the beginning she was Devin Arwyn Naidraug. Then she was Devin Alexandria Winslow. Then there was Devin Alarayn, then Devona Alexis . . . In the end, I basically call her “Dev” and call it a day.

The other main character: Lord Patrick Naidraug

Full name: redacted
Age: redacted, though it can be assumed he is older than 17 and younger than 25.
Sex: redacted Just kidding. He’s a boy.
History: redacted, but we do know he grew up in the Barrier and has never had an Oreo.
Was that always his full name? That was a stupid question. Try again.
If this is a “girl meets boy” story, but Lord Patrick and Devin have the same last name, are they related? What part of “girl meets boy; girl joins boy’s army; etc.” sounds like a legit “girl meets boy” story? Regardless, don’t let the last name fool you. Patrick’s entire identity is assumed, meaning his last name is fake. I’m sure if you go back far enough, Devin and Patrick are related, but so is everyone in the Barrier, so maybe this is a legit “girl meets boy” story.


4 thoughts on “VHAMA

  1. Woah, you’re a great writer! I started reading this and was quite literally thinking “Wow, really?! No way?!” Then I realized you are a writer, like a novelist. Like, as in, VHAMA isn’t actually real…well…you had me convinced…


  2. I completely agree with eswiatek, your story seems to have a really well thought out and rich history. I just recently came across your blog, and after reading your most recent post (about the compass tattoo or brand) my interest is incredibly peaked! I’m a sucker for a great story and I really look forward to seeing a completed VHAMA in the near future!


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