Annabeth Williamson-Holden was a stage performer who passed away when her son was 18. More than thirty years later, her son ran across a diary about Annabeth’s life with his father . . . and her other husband on the other side of the country. As Bradley’s preconceptions about his life begin to fall to pieces with a paternity test proving the man who raised him is not his father, his wife Bev digs in to find out the truth behind Annabeth’s diaries.

Short Stories & Flash Fiction

Four Suicides
When someone you love breaks your trust, what do you become?

Something Worth Saving
A phone call, like a light switch, can show you what may be hiding in the dark.

In A Moment
Who did he lose?

Where Urban Streets End
Just take in the scene, and know it will never be okay.

Hello Again
She wanted to find her brother, but not if it means working with the man who left her thirty years ago.


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