Employment Disclosure Notice

As is advised in my corporation’s social media contract, I am disclosing the fact that I work for American Airlines.

What this means:

I love American Airlines (and for the record, I love the new logo & livery). I have loved US Airways, and America West before that. I think this industry is amazing and inspiring. To me, the airline industry attracts people who are born ready for adventure. I am extremely biased in favor of my company. I also have a lot of insight into how certain things within the company work (mostly SHARES and SABRE as I work in both computer systems on a daily basis).

What you should also know:

I don’t hate other airlines. I am not against any other airline (okay, well, that’s NOT strictly true, but to be fair, their help desk hung up on me because he thought I was lying about my flight being delayed). I will never talk down or negative about another airline on this blog (previous strikethrough excepted) (and honestly, I don’t do it outside of this blog, either [previous strikethrough excepted]).

I have a deep respect for airlines like Southwest, Virgin, and Kulula, that have a far more laid-back approach to the services they provide. I also adore many agents at United-Continental, who are still feeling the effects of their merger. There are, of course, bad employees at every airline–in every job in every industry, as a matter of fact–but those are not the people who are worth the breath or the energy used in remembering them, so I simply let those bad moments disappear.

Now that you've read my thoughts, what are yours?

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