The Girl Behind the Keyboard

My name is KaLeena Genette. If you know me because of school or work, you know me as KaLeena. If you know me because of my greatest passion (or NASCAR), you know me as Genette. Truth be told, I normally answer to “Hey you,” or “Um, how do you say your name?”

At the age of ten, my fifth-grade teacher won a battle against my mom that completely changed my life. My mom, defeated and confused, signed the permission slip that let me see Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone at the theatre.

I remember walking out of the movie feeling elated . . . and empty. I told my mom these feelings, but she had no idea what to say. Empty? Did the movie steal something from me? What sort of witchcraft was this?

Two years later, my fellow Potterheads introduced me to fanfiction. More importantly, they introduced me to Alternate Universe and Original Character fanfiction. In a tiny classroom in Tempe, Arizona, Devin Naidraug and her friends were born.

I finally knew why I felt empty. Devin’s story grew and grew and grew and grew, until I had site plans, character profiles, family trees, class schedules, and thousands of pages of prose. She’s no longer the 14-year-old heroine witch with silver dragon earrings that roar when danger arises. In fact, the magic system is now the background of the story. Devin is one of two main characters who see the world through completely different lenses.

When people ask me who I am, what I am passionate about–this is me. This story is my lifeblood.

3 thoughts on “The Girl Behind the Keyboard

  1. Hey KaLeena! It’s Paul from Dear Hope. I’ve always appreciated your comments on our site and I just wanted to reach out extend an invitation for you to write a piece for us. You have some great writings here, and I would love to have your voice featured in our community. If you’re interested let me know – hope all is well! =)


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