To Music or Not To Music?

I love music. LOVE. It’s almost ungodly how much I love music. That’s why it bummed me out when I realized that listening to certain music was affecting my mood in a bad way.


RIP Harry’s hair

I discovered One Direction somewhere around December of last year, after they did their Carpool Karaoke with James Corden (I swear it was glorious). That led to a . . . six-ish month obsession with all things 1D, including listening to “Perfect” and “Alive” on repeat depending on my mood. Taylor got hella annoyed with me since he actually started learning 1D songs just by driving around in my car. Sorry, love.

More recently, I binged on 3 weeks of nothing but Halsey. God, her voice is just . . . oh, it sends chills down my spine. “Gasoline” and “Control” both struck major chords with me (no pun intended), and I listened to the former on repeat for hours.

Then I tried to write. Nope, nothing. I tried to stop listening. Nope–the addiction was real. I felt like an alcoholic dying for another drink. It got to the point that I knew my mood was going to be awful if I didn’t listen, but listening didn’t make me feel better anymore. I felt weird.


Love her music, love her voice.

I think part of it had to do with the fact that I was having so much trouble writing. Anything that gets in the way of my writing is something that has to disappear. After spending six months with a severe case of “I’m writing because I have to, not because I want to,” I recognized the signs of Halsey’s affect on me almost immediately.

I can’t explain it. I’ve tried to research “music that puts you in a bad mood” but such a concept just doesn’t seem to exist. What’s bizarre is it’s music I love. I really wish I could explain the phenomenon, but maybe I’m just an addict who can’t get enough so it stops fulfilling my needs.

Have you guys ever experienced anything like this? Does it seem bizarre? I’m curious what you think since the rest of the Internet doesn’t seem to know what I’m talking about.


Now that you've read my thoughts, what are yours?

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