This past week has been a week of stress, tarot, meditation, tarot, work, and tarot. Basically, Taylor and I have been going back and forth on tarot a lot, mostly for the hell of it. I think this is part of what the palm reader meant when she said I am a bizarre combination of creative and logical.

The tarot readings have been pretty interesting. Some answers have come as no surprise: my financial situation will stay much the same in the coming year; I need to stop dwelling on finding a partner; said future-partner is a little busy at the moment.

Devin's tarot reading

Devin’s got some rough patches ahead. (This is the Hermetic Tarot deck, by the way.)

Then we did tarot readings for my book characters, and oh boy, those were terrifyingly accurate. We did separate readings, he with the entire deck and I with strictly the Major Arcana . . . and we got roughly the same answers (which fell perfectly in line with the plot). Poor Devin is going to be overcoming a lot over the next few years.

It’s been a lot of fun to mess with, plus it’s a good way to blow off some steam. I did a few readings to check up on old friends. One is apparently very stressed but mostly on the up and up, so that’s good to know. Sounds like him, to be honest.

What are your thoughts on tarot? Do you think it’s completely lame, stupid, and unreliable? Or are you like me and find it absolutely fascinating?


3 thoughts on “Tarot

  1. I love all symbolic languages, of which tarot is one. I have several decks of tarot cards, but my favorite is the Aleister Crowley deck. I use a quickie method of shuffling and drawing one card to get an idea of my current state of mind. I just drew the Knight of Cups, which means, among other things, “reaching higher emotional planes,” and expanding the idea of family to include all chosen relationships.

    I’m more familiar with astrology, which I’ve followed for over 30 years. Unlike most people, I don’t use either astrology or tarot to make predictions. I believe predictions are dangerous. You become invested in being right. At the very least, predictions tend to narrow focus so that you are not open to alternatives. Better for me to understand the influences of the moment.

    Dreams represent the ultimate symbolic language. I follow them, too, but still consider myself a beginner at interpretation.

    I believe these are all methods for perceiving what is not obvious to the conscious mind. Astrology, especially, helps me conceptualize the long cycles of time. I plan to blog about this someday.


    • I love astrology, but I don’t follow it too closely. I find it fascinating from a human interaction standpoint (like how one can expect Geminis to constantly be of two minds about EVERYTHING), but I also found myself pigeon-holing people based on my expectations of their signs rather than getting to know them.

      Tarot seems a little bit different to me, especially if you’re interpreting it yourself and how you use it. I like your idea of pulling a card to get an idea of your state of mind. That’s probably the most honest way to use tarot. It’s almost like taking a Rorschach test.

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      • I agree about pigeon-holing people by their signs, and it’s worse if you know their entire horoscopes. I’ve been guilty of that, so I’ve backed off considerably. On the other hand, astrology has helped me develop tolerance for people’s differences. By comparing someone’s chart with mine, I get a better idea of our relationship potentials and how we can best communicate with each other

        I’ve found, however, that most people don’t want to know anything about astrology.


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