Start A Conversation

What is today? Wednesday? Hrm.

You know, back when I started this blog it was part of a class assignment. We had to write three times a week, so I did Monday, Wednesday, Friday. I don’t think I’ve done that in at least a year and a half. I wish I could promise getting back into that rhythm, but I’ve learned not to make promises I can’t keep.

(You know who else makes terrible promises? Groupon sellers. That’s another rant somewhere down the line.)

Part of my frustration with keeping up a blog is the interactive side of it. When I started, my classmates were required to comment and suddenly there was an interactive community. We were having conversations with people we otherwise would have stayed several seats away from in the classroom. For the most part, those students I connected with have disappeared from the WordPress world and I’ve never been able to cultivate that sort of community with people who weren’t getting graded.

Please don’t take this as whining. This has been a great platform to be able to go and meet other writers/mental health advocates/awesome people. It’s just been frustrating to write and feel like my words are falling into the abyss. It concerns me because I don’t want that to happen with my book, and I think that’s what scares me more than anything. I’ve poured so much passion into writing that I don’t want it to be for nothing. (I’m not saying I need it to reach the NYT Bestsellers List, but if it could cover the moving expenses from my stint in Seattle, that’d be awesome. That would mean people are actually reading what I wrote.)

What about you guys? Anything frustrating you? For my writers, does your social media presence hearten/dishearten you with regard to your future success? For my mental health peeps, how has the conversation on your blogs helped/hurt your growth as relates to anxiety and/or depression?

(Brett Eldredge’s “You Can’t Stop Me” just came on. Thanks for the mood boost, Brett.)

Edit: If you’re reading this in 2025, you’re still welcome to comment on this or any other post. Like I said, this is about starting a conversation. There’s no time limit on when that can happen. Although, I imagine if you’re commenting around 2091, it might be my grandkids responding since I’ll be a centurion¬†centenarian (who the hell knew that was even a word?).


Now that you've read my thoughts, what are yours?

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