Another day, another rejection. That’s the end of this round of queries. Looks like I’m going to be doing another revision.

I love writing. It’s what drives me, but sometimes it’s easy to get beaten down. This journey has been terrifying, nauseating, exhilarating, and a million other “ings” of both the good and bad variety. I’ve learned a lot, the most recent lesson being that I read faster than a lot of people. I can read my book (300 pages) twice in a night. I thought that was totally normal, which was why I started getting frustrated with my beta readers when it took them 3-4 weeks. WEEKS. My patience is starting to wear down, but I think it’s just anxiety. I want this.

My mother just sat me down to watch a clip from Castle about why he has his first rejection letter framed. He mentions getting 21 rejections before getting picked up, to which I say, “You lucky bastard,” but the message is good. I’ll leave it here for any of you who are feeling the way I am, no matter what your end goal happens to be.


Now that you've read my thoughts, what are yours?

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