It’s interesting. I’ve been terrible at keeping a blog, and I have several full drafts written that I can’t bring myself to publish, but it’s the bad news that brings me back. The bad times.

An American teaching English in South Korea was killed on Sunday in a hit-and-run accident. I happen to know she was an amazing, bright person who was an enthusiastic cheerleader and honor roll student. I remember sitting in my mom’s car with her and my sister making up cheers on the way to football games because a few years ago, she was my sister’s best friend.

I remember walking past the Walter Cronkite School of Journalism in downtown Phoenix and seeing her name scroll across the Times Square-style LED banner and being so proud. To learn that she had chosen to teach English halfway across the world didn’t surprise me in the least, but to learn that she’s not coming home did.

Sarah, you will be missed by so many more people than you know. You’re going to make a beautiful angel.



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