A Couple of Rants

Man-Doctor put me on Abilify and I swear to God that 5mg knocks me out. I’ve been half awake for the last couple of weeks, not to mention irritable. My money’s burning a hole in my pocket. I can’t settle down. The nausea with the medication is gone, but I think these are the exact opposite side effects Man-Doctor was looking for.

The knocking-out explains how I managed to sleep last week, though, considering both of my roommates snored.

Thinking about the wedding still stresses me out. Bahama Mama (the bride’s mother) was . . . wow. I told the bride after we spent some time with her mother, “Your mother makes me appreciate mine.” Thankfully she thought it was funny. Bride and groom are honeymooning now, which means a few things–1) I don’t have to hear about wedding details anymore. 2) The damned thing is over. 3) All of my vacation went toward the least relaxing trip of my life.

Have to get back to doing homework, but I thought I’d rant for a minute about Abilify and the wedding. Also, if your friends decide to take you to a club without telling you what it is, be scared. Especially if said club is somewhere near the Capitol building, nestled behind Homeland Security and is listed on Google as a “gay bar.” Bad idea. Such a bad idea.

OH and for the love of GOD please vote this November. If you are an American citizen over the age of 18, this is not the year to say “eh.” Vote and vote your conscience. I’m going third party; most of my friends and family are going third party. Hell, my Senator is going third party. Vote for the person you genuinely want to see in the White House. Screw the “lessor of two evils” bullshit. There are more options than that and this is the year to take advantage. </rant>

Okay. Goodnight. Time to take a “sleeping pill.”


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