Bahama Mama

There is a reason Bahama Mama is the name of an alcoholic drink. As I’ve told several people over the last few days, I will never be able to speak of this wedding without drinking.

The wedding taught me several things: 1) there has to be a limit to the DIY-ing; if it isn’t done two weeks before the wedding, then just pay for it. 2) If you have a schedule, stick to it and don’t let people off the hook if they cause you to fall behind. 3) Always have a contingency plan. 4) When planning a large wedding, alcohol is required for every step of the way.

From this experience I’ve decided that if and when I get married it will likely be very casually formal. I’m thinking formal dress attire, potluck, party, ceremony in the middle of the party. Simple enough, right?

I have the next couple of days to rest up since there was no relaxing on this trip. I also get to work on homework since there was barely any working on homework on this trip as well. 

Time to go to sleep. Good night.


Now that you've read my thoughts, what are yours?

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