I’m Never Getting Married

Currently, I am losing my mind and for once it has nothing to do with anxiety or depression or anything medication-related.

No. This has to do with my best girl’s wedding in DC.  I love her, but my brain is melting.

Everyone is trying to be helpful except for the matron of honor. She’s standing back from the crowd, and she has the right idea. The maid of honor and the mother of the bride are discussing the sister of the bride messing with the decorations. The sister is frustrated because the decorations aren’t classy enough for my friend. The wedding is tomorrow at noon.

Oh, and everyone’s nails and hair was supposed to be done today, but that did not get even close to done. Our poor cosmotologist is going out of her mind.

Let’s add in that the mother of the bride is a spitfire who argues EVERYTHING. You can repeat her words right back to her and she will fight you on everything you just said. She does not speak American English. I have learned through this experience that Bahamian English doesn’t translate well.

Looks like it’s time for the rehearsal dinner. Until next time.


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