Thanks for Your Help

As many of you know, my psychiatrist passed away in July. I’ve been working to get with another shrink, but the recommended doctor’s office has been, um, interesting to work with.

So, as Dr. D had recommended in what turned out to be our last session, I contacted my GP to get my medication refilled. I explained the situation and said that no, at this time I have not set up with a new psychiatrist. The secretary/admin/whatever politically correct title is for “woman who answers the phone” ripped into me for not having gotten a new psychiatrist already and no, my GP doesn’t like to refill psychiatric drugs–which I know for a fact is bullshit.

This goes down as one of those “You know nothing about my life” situations. It took me ten years to go to the psychiatrist in the first place. Pardon me for taking two months to find a new one. I hate going to doctors because they tend to be judgmental asshats, and while my GP herself is fine, her staff is clearly another story.

Jesus. Guys, be nice to the people around you. You don’t know their stories. You don’t know what’s going through their heads. If I were anywhere near the edge of the Cliff of Depression, that interaction would have pushed me over. As it is, I haven’t stopped crying.

Let’s add to this that my personal phone is on the lam. If anyone sees a beat up black flip phone, give me a shout.

In other, non-mental-health news I started taking classes through Coursera. It feels good to be back in school. I’m doing this as a kind of warm-up before I dive in to finish my last seven classes at ASU. I’m also doing this because I’m able to take whatever I want. YouTuber Linz DeFranco recently posted a video about how we’re all told we get to study whatever we want in college, but then we’re forced to take a bunch of required classes that beat the will to learn out of us. That basically sums it up.

So yay college courses, boo the last seven requirements for my degree, and extra boo to judgy people.

Oh, and yay job, but more about that later.

Update: The doctor’s office (same lady) called me back to say that my medication refill had been approved. Her attitude was completely opposite this time–very nice, calm, patient. She even called me “sweetie.” Maybe she’d just got off the phone with the cable guy the first time. Who knows? Anywho, I thought that was an interesting change.


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