Just Sit Back And Relapse Again — Dear Hope

Back in March, the mental health blog “Dear Hope” approached me about doing a piece. “Dear Hope” was started about a year and a half ago as a school project for college student Paul Falcone. Paul has managed to create a community where people can express their struggles through art. He even has a photography project of his own that I shared a bit of on here before.

I finally finished writing it around July (thank you, anxiety). The article is linked below. I hope once you’ve finished reading mine, you’ll take a look around the site and see how others are coping with your struggles. As Paul has said time and again, remember that you are not alone.

I always thought that medication would be the final solution to all of my issues. I thought that I would suddenly take my stressors head on and beat them. I thought I’d immediately stop binging on food and television because I would be too busy being awesome. Imagine my surprise when that didn’t happen.

via Just Sit Back And Relapse Again — Dear Hope


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