Manuscript = Done.

Hi, guys. It’s been a bit since we last spoke. I’ve been distracted–extremely distracted–between work and writing. The new job is going frighteningly well. I’m a little worried about it, to be honest. Writing, well . . . writing has been a little exhilarating.

I swore to myself a few months back that wherever I happened to be on May 24th would be where the novel ended. I kept that promise and finished the manuscript on May 27th, with an ending that surprised even me. I didn’t intend to leave my readers conflicted about my primary spy’s true allegiance, but it made for a good place to stop.

The novel is currently in the hands of three trusted friends, one of whom already finished the read-through and demanded I finish the second book ASAP. Taylor, my dear brother, talked about the first half of the novel for about half an hour without pause, which also made me happy. They give me hope that I’m not chasing an empty dream.

I’ll be back soon, ideally with all three reviews in hand. May was an extremely stressful month which started with the daunting task of finding toothpaste that doesn’t contain peppermint. Do you know how nearly impossible that is? I’m currently using children’s strawberry-flavored toothpaste and praying the redness on my face from years of peppermint exposure fades.



Now that you've read my thoughts, what are yours?

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