Peppermint is Good for You

In today’s episode of “April Sickness Month,” I have hives. On my face. And I’m coughing more now than when I had pneumonia.

But hives. On. My. Face.

The best way to handle the current stares I’m getting is, “So it turns out I’m allergic to peppermint,” and then watching the starer go, “Ohhhhh.” And then we move on.

I’m on day three or four of this lovely new look. Unlike the pneumonia, this is hardly debilitating so I don’t get to stay home and write. Instead, I get to pull stats for someone else’s team (for the last four years) and send them off to be evaluated. That’s a whole rant in itself, mostly to do with the actual computer system, which purged about 75% of the data I needed for 2012-2015.

Ow. Scratched my face. Bad idea.

9 hours til therapy, then back to work for 8 hours, and then off for a day. I’m looking forward to my (one) day off, which is going to start around, oh, 4am because I’m going to do CrossFit for the first time in 14 months. This should be intimidating, especially if the coughing and hives don’t get better.

Here’s to a healthy May, filled with Paleo, CrossFit, finishing the manuscript and starting a new job.

Oh, right. I’ve been hired into IT. It’s a class of six new hires. I’m the only female, I have the lowest seniority, I’m the youngest, and I’m the only one NOT coming from an IT background. BUT I’m the only one (out of all members, new and old) who knows SABRE (the computer program the airports use) inside and out. Apparently that knowledge was valuable enough for them to offer me a job.

Now I’m off. I’m on a terrible schedule with my lamotrigine, but I’m on a terrible schedule in general. I’m looking forward to my six weeks of training for the new job since my schedule will be regular for at least six weeks (here’s to hoping it’s regular for longer).

Good night, all.


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