Hello, all. Guess what? I have pneumonia! This is slightly exciting because 1) I have always wondered what it is like to have pneumonia and 2) now I can write about characters with pneumonia. I think Henry might end up with a mild case. Ooh, that could set off the chain reaction I was looking for. . . .

Modern medicine is magical because I felt like hell at 10:30pm last night, so much so that I actually went to Urgent Care. I never go to doctors. They make me feel like a hypochondriac with their, “I have a degree and you don’t, so even though you’re telling me you’ve been sick for ten years, the two symptoms I looked at tell me you aren’t.”

I digress.

Urgent Care. The only Urgent Care on my side of town that is open for graveyard shift folks closes at midnight, so I went home sick at 10:30, drove myself to the clinic, and signed in. Twenty minutes later, I found out I had a 101.9 degree fever, and thirty minutes later, the doc decided I have a mild case of pneumonia. I got a shot of antibiotics to the deep muscle tissue just north of my behind (not as painful as I expected), and three prescriptions.

I have no idea what was in that shot, but if I didn’t have to breathe, I wouldn’t know I’m sick. Breathing is currently painful, which is super fun. I love feeling like there are knives in my throat and lungs. (Not like “I’m going to kill you” knives. More like butter knives, or maybe spoons with pointy handles.)

This is at least the fourth case, if not the fifth, of pneumonia in my office since February. Yaaaaay. As long as I don’t have to burn my sick days, I’m good. If I can work through this, I’ll be just fine.

Additional benefit: I have to sit on my ass for two days, so might as well write. I really do think I’m going to give Henry pneumonia.

It’s funny, because last week my emotions flat-lined somewhere around apathetic for days, and eventually made their way into the downward direction. Today, I’m somewhere near a 7 on the happiness scale. So weird.


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