Another Day of Frustration

I have been extremely irritable for about two weeks now, like ready to yell at each person I see until he/she grows a normal-sized brain. I understand that people don’t think like me and sometimes my thoughts come out muddled but THERE IS NO SPACE BEFORE THE PERIOD, NOR SHOULD THERE BE SEVEN SPACES BETWEEN WORDS.

People need to take English literacy, grammar, and reading comprehension exams before emailing me. (My coworkers who grew up outside of English-speaking countries, I understand; however, if you grew up in the US, Canada, the UK, Australia, etc. I expect better of you.)

Typing that sentence was actually quite cathartic. I should yell more.

Some of the frustration stems from being stuck in writing my book–again–because I hate my central villain. He’s dumb and underdeveloped and frustrating. I’m ready to kick him in the ass.

The problem here is (in my personal opinion) Kylo Ren is an incredible villain. He’s driven  in his mission, yet torn and surprisingly gentle in certain moments. Yes, these moments are just instants that are easy to miss, but they turn him from a “creature in a mask” to a human who feels passion and anger and regret.

My villain, on the other hand, is one rung down from Whiny Bitch. WHINY. ARGHHHHH.

Aaaand, I just realized I work in 12 hours, so the ranting will end here because the to-do list is still rather long. Well, then. Until the morrow.


Now that you've read my thoughts, what are yours?

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