Kylo Ren is Okay Because of Revelaria

Frustrating week at work. It’s okay — this part is like the midsection of a marathon: you do it because when you complete it, the payoff will be worth it. It’s worth noting that I am talking about both my paying job and my writing. It’s really just been the entire week.

Also, it appears that seeing Star Wars may become a weekly thing for me. I cannot get over the character development of Kylo Ren. I really just want to take a notebook into the theatre and  denote everything that stands out about him (*ahem*apart from his hair)(#relationshipgoals).

Earlier this week, I found a Revelaria playlist on YouTube. For those of you who don’t know who Revelaria is, neither does anyone else. The videos have, like, 12 views, and 4 of those are from me. I found this band somewhere around 2005, when MySpace was still the big social network and we all had playlists on our profiles. My playlist basically comprised of this band. If you liked Creed, Revelaria is definitely worth a listen.

Between the music and nearing the end of Dune, I’m feeling a little relief from the nuttiness of work. Deep breaths.

Hope your week is going well, all.

I am okay.

I am frustrated.
I am annoyed.
I am irritated.
I am sensitive.
I am confused.

It is okay to be frustrated;
It is okay to be annoyed;
It is okay to be irritated;
It is okay to be sensitive;
It is okay to be confused;
And because I am all of these things
I am okay.



Now that you've read my thoughts, what are yours?

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