Health Watch

In today’s episode of “KaLeena Is A Ridiculously Healthy Human Being” we learn she has had nothing but Goldfish and Pinot Grigio, with a side of Starbucks and lamotrigine, in the last 24 hours.

In other news, she is caring for two lovely puppies who desperately need new homes. Please message her if you are interested in the pair: 1 dog appears to be 1/3 pitbull, 1/3 kangaroo, and 1/3 deer. The other has been named Batman, and he lives up to it.


I’m most of the way through Dune. This is the first time I’ve read it, and it is a fantastic book. I had serious doubts when reading the first few chapters–not because of the writing itself, which is beautiful. My issue was the pacing. The book throws you into a world and you have to figure out what in the hell they’re talking about based on context clues. My head stopped hurting somewhere around halfway through Part 1.

Additionally, I have seen The Force Awakens 3 times now, and will likely go again. Kylo Ren may be my favorite villain in the history of villains (he’s unseated Aleksei Volkoff from Chuck). Adam Driver brings such a raw element of humanity to the character, which helps normal people relate to him. Also, Mr. Driver brings epic hair to the character, which is now something I have added to my list of “Things I Want In A Husband.” Seriously, though, Taylor and I have had discussions about how he manages to fit his hair in the helmet.

Now, off to have more wine and flesh out my own villains.



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