Unsure What to Say

Hi. Today was weird.

Trip to the PsyD yesterday was good – productive, even. She and I talked a lot about letting go, which is something I’m still working on. It’s a work in progress. It may end up being a permanent work in progress.

Trip to the shrink was productive, too – discussing how to differentiate between the stress caused by chemicals and the stress caused by 10 years of bad habits. Considering the fact I literally ate nothing except sugar today, I think I know which habit I have to kick first.

That and the spending. The spending habits are bad.

Then there was the random news from work that sent me spinning – more on that in a later post. I’m still processing.

Writing has been a mess. I’m writing a scene between Devin and her father and so far I completely hate it. I’m good with basically everything up to chapters 16 & 17, but those two . . . I can’t seem to get them to work. I think I need to actually come up with a game plan, which is a little retro. I haven’t written based on an outline in at least five years, maybe longer.

On the lightest side of things, I colored Taylor’s hair today. It’s blue & teal & purple now. It looks kind of crazy and very fun. Ooh, and I played a video game while we were waiting for his color to process. I think this ups my total time to somewhere in the range of 21 hours spent playing. Ever.

Off to bed now. As much as I want to do nothing but write for the next 8 hours, sleep is probably a good idea since I have to work at 3a. It’s after 10.

(Not that sleep is easy right now – I had 65 pounds of dog slam into the back of my knee on Monday, which caused me to get a wicked rug burn from the inside of my jeans when I fell and skidded on the rather immobile ground. Staying warm & sleeping has been an interesting adventure.)

Goodnight, all. Do something fun for me.


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