I Am Okay

After a fabulous day of breakfasting and coffee-ing and working and First Friday-ing, I had a momentary crisis. That’s the beauty of my mental state: once I acknowledge that all things are good and I am okay, all of the bad thoughts decide to rush in and send me spinning.


What to do, what to do? My brother and I found this amazing place to meditate a couple of years ago, and it’s become my safe-haven. I drive into the parking lot and immediately breathe better. It’s nuts how this place calms my anxiety.

Tonight I pulled into the parking lot, locked everything in the car, and immediately headed for a quiet space. After a few minutes of falling apart, I started a mantra, and at 11:00 on the nose, everything in me quieted and I was okay to go home.

I am okay.
I am alive
I am hurt
I am scared
I am human
It is okay to be hurt
It is okay to be scared
And because I am both of these
I am human,
I am alive,
and I am okay.


2 thoughts on “I Am Okay

    • Um . . . while I appreciate the implied compliment, I hope you never feel like what you write is somehow inferior. Your primary audience is yourself, and if what you write means something to you, that’s what counts.


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