Organizing 12 Years

I started writing my addiction 12 years ago as of mid-ish-January. I am finally digging out all of the notebooks and binders with notes scribbled in the margins to organize the details.

Holy crap, my head hurts.

One task has my head swimming in particular: transcribing the notes my friend Liz and I passed back and forth in the infancy of my story. This was seventh grade, right? Oh holy mother of pizza, I swear we were insane.

The bad thing is, the writing is actually pretty clever. The plots are the problem. See, Lizzie and I  wrote short stories in conjunction with real notes. One of said stories is 17 pages and has just slipped off the deep end. I’m on page 4.

“You are not going anywhere near my girlfriend,” Clarke stated plainly.

“But, but, she reminds me of my sister!” Andrew burst out.

“Did you know Clarke’s girlfriend has a hooker nose?” Devin shouted for all to hear.

Andrew caught on quickly, having observed Clarke’s girlfriend to the fullest extent. “Just like my sister!”

“A HOOKER NOSE?!?!” Clarke’s girlfriend sprang up from her spot. Nick ran over to her.

“She must have meant a ‘hook nose.’ Don’t worry about it.” He pushed to down to make her sit on her bed, but she sprang back up.

“It isn’t even a ‘hook nose. It’s a Jewish-German nose, for your information!”

Yup. That beauty was part of a collaborative effort. That’s about half of page 4.

About 40 notebooks left to compile. That’s the beauty of spending 12 years in a fictional world while taking history classes, working, and travelling. I’m pretty sure there’s a Denny’s order pad around here with notes in it, too.

I hope your adventures are going well! Mine are certainly taking an entertaining turn.

Update: I just got to the end of page 4, and a new character has walked in carrying his own shrine to Clarke’s girlfriend. I’m sensing a pattern. . . .


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