Living for Sundays

I cannot believe it’s already Tuesday–but yet, holy shit, that weekend was LONG.

Currently, I’m on day 9 of a 12-day stretch. My relief has been grabbing various meals with people who don’t know anything about my job, and teaching my new hires, who are learning about my job.

I love my new hires. I want to take them home with me. There are 4 in particular that I’ve become seriously attached to. I cannot wait to work with them once they’ve graduated.  My new hires = ❤

(One of them has my birthday. She’s 5 hours younger than me, and she’s gorgeous and funny and we have different tattoos that mean the same thing. Another new hire looks perpetually confused but studies her materials and is going to be completely brilliant. A pair of my new hires have managed to dig into their resources and become pretty self-sufficient in, like, zero-time. I love my new hires.)

Work on Saturday, however, was a complete mess. I wish that I could articulate the frustration I have with some of the situations I encounter at work, but complaining really doesn’t help. Making changes helps. I just have to figure out how to make those changes before I get an ulcer.

November. I have 90% of November off. That will be one of the changes. Get me a good book series, a trip to Canada, and long road trips with my awesome friends, and my almost-sabbatical is set.

Sunday was freaking awesome, though.

  1. Coffee with my darling Erica. She and I caught up over a 45-minute coffee break at Starbucks. We talked about depression, bipolar disorder, rent prices, work, and I thoroughly enjoyed all of it.
  2. Church was hilarious. I saw Mrs. “We Sat Together In The Sermon And Now We’re Married” and her husband, which was soooo surreal. In the 10:45am Bible study, my takeaway was that sociopaths are cats.
    (Frodo was reading over my shoulder when I wrote in my notes: “So cats /are/ actually sociopaths.” He started cracking up and said, “I think you missed the point.” A minute later, I wrote, “So was the point that sociopaths are cats?” And then we both started cracking up to the point that he had to back up from the table. Thankfully, the others in our little group paid us no mind.)
    (Lesson 1: Always read over your neighbor’s shoulder. Lesson 2: Sociopaths are actually cats. Lesson 3: Baptists regularly discuss cats and sociopaths in Bible study.)
  3. My former college group leaders (Mr. & Mrs. Dave) took me to lunch, which allowed for much catching up time, and I found out that Frodo is back at our church against the advice of Mr. Dave. I, for one, am grateful. I’ve missed having Frodo in my life..
    (He and I had a discussion last week about my personality–apparently I scared the other new hire class at work. Frodo said that some people are just intimidated by big personalities. I asked him if he was intimidated by big personalities. He said absolutely not. This is why we are friends.)

If my life revolved around my new hires, my friends, and Sundays, I think I would be okay. I’m still reeling a little from going zero to 60 in the church thing. My mind isn’t changing–I’m still skeptical of the religion as a whole, and I can’t share my thoughts without someone shutting me down (or trying to convert me)–but the social aspect and the ability to soak in the philosophy makes all the difference in my week. Even through everything that’s made me crazy in the last year . . . if my life continues this way into November and December (when things at work finally calm down), I will be so grateful for all of the crap that’s happened.

Taylor and I said at the beginning of this year that we felt 2015 would be amazing. You know, I’ve repeatedly said in the course of this blog that something has to give. I think it’s finally giving. I feel like I’m almost at that point where good and amazing things are going to burst into my life–our lives.

I just have to get through this 12 day stretch and make it to Sunday morning. I’m reliving the best parts of my life from 5 years ago–I used to love Sunday mornings when we had the college group going. This church, these old friends, really feel like home, regardless of my beliefs. All I know is I’m praying a whole lot more these days.

Thanks for reading my rambling. I really just had to share. Even with all of the stress and pressure, when I can pause and reflect on the good things that have come into my life in the last four weeks, I can’t help but feel this extreme sense of joy and love and passion. I don’t want to lose this feeling.


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