1 Year!

WordPress just alerted me that I’ve been rambling for a year now. I never anticipated that I would be able to stick with the blogging thing–my last blog flamed out after about 40 posts and 6 less-than-enthusiastic followers.

I’m not going to muse about what life was like a year ago. If you’d like to know, you’re welcome to go back and read my first few posts. The very first one was a bit, er, strong. What can I say? I have a lot of opinions.

I don’t know what the trajectory of this blog is going to be. God knows I did not intend it to become the primary outlet for my downswing into severe depression. I’m about as optimistic as optimistic gets most days, and I’m passionate about 800 different things (to be completely honest, at last count the list of my passions sat around 60 unique items).

Here’s what I hope for the next year:

  1. Joy
    I want to find happiness that is so complete that even in the hard times, there is a deeper peace in my heart that says things will be okay.
  2. Inspiration (sometimes known as “the hard times”)
    This past year, I received a lot of inspiration, and now my beloved characters have taken on distinct personalities: Patrick, the older, wiser character is my deep-thought, often depressed side; Miss Devona, the young, anxious character is my spontaneous, whirlwind-loving side. A lot of experience went into these personalities.
  3. Success
    A contract with an agent. That’s my definition of success this year. That is my one request of the Universe. Next year, I’ll ask for the book to finally be in perfect form. The year after, I will ask for a publishing contract. This year, I just want to achieve step number one.

I appreciate everyone who is sticking with me through the random blog topics, who have supported me through my bad days and my overly bright days. Last year, I did not imagine 100 followers and cheerleaders, much less 161. You all are an inspiration to me, and I hope to keep you entertained for a long time.

Much love, all.


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