A Little Out of the Ordinary

Warning: Unless you have the slightest interest in the American presidential race, this post is not for you.

Okay, I never talk about politics. I hate talking about politics. I think politicians fit nicely into Dante’s levels of hell. Republicans are the first to insist that your personal beliefs infringe on their constitutional right to their personal beliefs. Democrats are the first to backpedal on their promises. No one even knows the name of an Independent.

Well, except one: Bernie Sanders, senator from Vermont. I’m not going to blast you with a ton of information, other than he is an Independent, but running as a Democrat since 3rd parties have never made traction in this generation.

Personally, I believe he’s worth knowing about. Regardless of your party preference, I think you may find something in common with him. I’d like to encourage each of you to learn about him, his track record in the Senate, and his vision for this country. I have hope you will each develop your own opinion about this unconventional candidate, and I hope you will encourage others do the same.

Okay, that’s all. No more politics from KaLeena. 🙂


Now that you've read my thoughts, what are yours?

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