KaLeena Can’t Sleep: Episode I

My mind wouldn’t turn off last night, to the point that I was wide awake at 9p, and needed to be up for work at 11p. Part of the insanity was this silly little story prompt I had running through my head. I wrote it down and just reread it–could definitely be the beginning of an interesting story.

The call center for MeriTec Enterprises was a graveyard for IT’s hand-me-down computers. Vivian had a love-hate relationship with the technology. While she found the software simple and easy to troubleshoot, few people in the company still knew how to service the hardware. The hand-me-downs were constantly blowing something.

Only one tech treated Viv like she’d seen a computer before; most techs assumed everyone outside of IT had the technical knowledge of cavemen. Of course, the one decent guy was in Kansas visiting family the first time a computer refused to turn on. No whir, no cough, no anything, which is how Viv found herself in a clean room at 4am on a Saturday, googling how to replace a power source on an obsolete device.

Not sure where it’s going. Could go anywhere. Personally, I want a hint of intrigue, a dash of romance, and the potential for all hell to break loose. Anyone want to give it a go?

Like I said. Couldn’t sleep.


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