Bored and Restless

Sorry for disappearing off the face of the planet. Between work and life, I’ve been a little overwhelmed. That’s really the only word to describe me right now–overwhelmed. I’m looking forward to starting school again so I can be distracted 100% of the time, although I’m concerned about my energy levels. Wednesday, I wanted to do a million things until I walked downstairs. I didn’t respond to a single email, much less walk out of the house.

Monday, Taylor and I flew an hour and a half due north to deliver a cactus to a family with a small child (part of our “One Cactus per Child” effort to help raise ecological awareness in children age 9 mos – 2 years).

On the way home, I struck up a conversation with a perfect stranger over the glittering Phoenix landscape. It was incredible–the freedom of a “getting to know you” conversation. People are so much more interesting when you don’t know anything about them. So few people remain interesting once you know them.

That’s my biggest issue in a nutshell, I guess. I’m anxious about work. I’m bored with people. Few other things intrigue me. I spend most of my days creating magic out of spreadsheets, because my language is numbers. I haven’t spoken the language of “people” in months, except for freak interactions on airplanes. Right now, people bore me. The few who don’t are largely inaccessible–granted, often by my own personal barriers.

The puzzle is what to do now. Overcome the anxiety and boredom? Or ride it out?

Sorry for the slightly ADD manner of writing. I’m ready to drift off to sleep. Cohesive thoughts are not my strong suit this afternoon. I used up all that magic at work around 3 am.


Now that you've read my thoughts, what are yours?

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