Adventuring: Only 50% My Fault

The interesting happenings continue.

Today I started learning a computer program I’ve been waiting on for about 18 months. I’m really freaking excited. We’re doing all of the training in a test environment . . . which underwent some unscheduled maintenance on Saturday. ALL of our test scenarios were wiped out.

My trainers did the best they could, staying chipper and optimistic as we hit bump after bump. Three states away, the training department hustled to rebuild the test scenarios, keeping barely ahead of my class.

For comparison, when the software has scheduled maintenance, there is no training for the following week.

At the end of, oh, a ten-hour class, I wandered to the main floor of the building and called into a meeting about scheduling. I think I spent most of the meeting staring at the ceiling, just listening to the conversation. About 30 minutes of the call was unproductive. The conversation got productive when we hit overtime and the attendees decided we needed to decide on a schedule. We voted, the meeting ended, and I found myself on a bus back to the hotel.

It didn’t stop there.

My key didn’t work. I walked down to the front desk, told the lady my plight, and got a new key.

The red light above the handle blinked at me again.

Back to the desk I went. When I returned to my room with yet a third key, the concierge followed behind. My key didn’t work for a third time. She tried her key. The red light blinked at her, too. The battery in the key-reader was (is) dead.

I was planning to make a trip to the grocery store and purchase a few unnecessary items. I think that excursion might wait til tomorrow.

Still, staying positive. I’m enjoying the little adventures, actually, and wondering what climactic event they might lead up to.

To recount:

  • Getting lost on the way to Virginia (seriously a straight shot up I-77; I wandered astray in search of a Starbucks)
  • Tossing my work keys into a trash receptacle in Danville
  • Hightailing it out of a terrifying thunderstorm in Lynchburg (who in the hell knew thunder could be that loud?!)
  • Getting lost on my way back to Charlotte
  • Accidentally finding a little place called Lake Jeanette, which is, like, the coolest (because my middle name is Genette, I love water, and there are at least 3 streets that bear the names of my book characters)
  • Texting a friend, “Imma find me a North Carolina architect and settle down,” and immediately walking into a man wearing a t-shirt for an architecture firm
  • Getting lost in Charlotte
  • Getting locked out of my hotel room last night
  • Getting locked out of my hotel room tonight
  • Training gone awry, because who needs learning?

I think I love this place.


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