Sunshine and Rainbows

Not really. Actually, it’s physically quite dark right now, in that the sun has departed to the other side of the Earth. Maybe my part of the Earth has taken leave of the sun. Regardless, it’s still warm (and humid), because atmospheres are tricky beasts that like to hang on to memories of sunlit hours long past.

(I’m on hold with the employee line, trying to book a plane ticket, and have just come to the realization that WordPress’s awful new post format works better with Internet Explorer than Chrome. Excuse me, but who decided that was adequate programming? Next thing you know, someone will decide that Bing uses better search algorithms than Google, and the internet will implode out of pure horrification. I don’t think that’s a real word.)

As you may be able to tell, I’m feeling a lot better today. It’s been a fucking weird day, rife with unexpected emotions (not mine, for once!), tornado warnings (not in Kansas, never was), comraderies struck in 15 minutes and disbanded 15 minutes later (thank you, tornado warnings), fantabulous concierges (much love, Fairfield Inn), and a collection of other events that just make me happy.

For one, my dearest friend in Minnesota has agreed to do some writing challenges with me. He and I are similarly busy (read: our lives are insane, so it’s very easy to say we’re too tired to write our little fictions). We’re going to start with a flash fiction challenge–one flash fiction a day from now to Friday. I know his mind has been churning for months without an outlet, so I want him to start getting individual ideas down on paper before he starts focusing on any one story.

For two, I made the decision to read a book for the first time in weeks. I think getting involved in someone else’s world may help with my depression. Whilst wandering through the equivalent of a Hudson News (airports tend to be my life from time to time), I found a used copy of Outlander, which I never read in my school years. I’m two chapters in and there’s a solid chance I will not be sleeping tonight.

Finally, in the last two days, I spent a lot of time with my mother and sister. My sister and I got our nails done for her college graduation. As simple of a gesture as that is, my confidence level skyrocketed after the paint dried. I love when my nails look neat and trimmed and professional. I feel like a grown-up.

There are a million other things I could talk about–the beautiful couple I observed at the airport (the girlfriend/sister/whatever was gorgeous, and the boyfriend/brother/whatever was equally gorgeous, and I couldn’t even hate them for being perfect specimens of humanity). Admittedly, there are things I am consciously avoiding thinking about. I’m treating this week’s days off like a true vacation, free of work and any stressors. Perhaps Thursday I’ll feel refreshed, without an impending meltdown.

Much love you all. Here’s to hoping that this upswing is the medication balancing me out rather than my hormones/chemicals/whatever cycling upwards and preparing for a crash.


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