Turns Out I Might Actually Be Okay

Tonight, I just want to be brief–I have a very different post for you tomorrow. Just wanted to let you know that my first therapy session went better than expected. The PhD was very nice. I liked that she asked engaging questions (none of that TV psychologist, “So how does that make you feel?” bullshit). She’s willing to try several different avenues to attack my problems, in addition to supporting the MD’s decision to put me on mood stabilizers while we get this mess figured out.

(Also, before heading the the PhD, I ate a healthy breakfast, talked to one of my dearest friends, and reached out to Jenna, who’s going through her own crap right now. Where in the hell did all of this doing stuff come from?)

Leaving the office, I heard a song on the radio that just seemed to fit my mood perfectly. Don’t you love music when it does that? I’ll leave the lyric video here for you. I hope it helps at least one other person.


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