War & Progress

Alternately titled, “In Which KaLeena Has Weird Thoughts, Possibly Due to Recurrent Use of Sleeping Pills or Too Much Television.”

Day 16 (Wednesday)

I’m not going to talk too long today. I’m a bit winded. I’ve been all over the map (translation: I made what probably are some pretty poor choices, but there’s this optimist in my heart that keeps praying that everything is going to turn out okay).

All of that aside, there’s been a random common thread in everything I’ve watched lately (because television is easier for me to digest than books right now). I watched The Imitation Game, a movie about Alan Turing and the Enigma codebreakers in World War II. I watched 2 1/2 seasons of Nikita (sorry, Season 3, you’re a bit formulaic for my taste). In the last two days, I’ve devoured 19 episodes of Dollhouse (Joss Whedon–need I say more?). It hit me around the season 1 finale of Dollhouse, when (minor spoilers) Topher (resident tech genius) is rocking back and forth, mentally fractured, asking, “Did I do this? Is this my fault?” Topher was referring to the apocalypse, brought on by tech he developed. The characters go through the episode, looking for a safe place to hide, or perhaps a cure.

War. Mental, physical, digital, analog. War is what begets progress. On a small scale, conflict within oneself is the only way a person grows. That’s the crap I’m dealing with, the battle I’m fighting and often losing. On a larger scale, war is what spurs research into technology, from the catapult to the computer. Curiosity isn’t enough. There has to be a need that is greater than human willpower. That’s how we’ve pushed forward. Conflict is how this species has survived.

It’s a random thought. I’m being selfish with it, applying it to my petty personal issues rather than looking at the world as a whole. Still. How weird is it that war–conflict–is not just our bread and butter, it’s our medicine and skyscrapers?


Now that you've read my thoughts, what are yours?

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