Regaining Focus

Day 11 (Friday)

If you can’t tell from my earlier post, I’m feeling much better today. The fiery passion of like-minded individuals at work has helped take my mind off of the upsetting personal matters for the time being. In addition, I had the accidental opportunity to network with an amazing individual this evening at a colleague’s birthday party. Said amazing individual gave me incentive to continue writing about ways to improve customer experience.

The rest of the day was spent working on character development–Devin’s still a bit two-dimensional for my taste, so I’m taking what I’ve learned from binge-watching Nikita and doing freewrites to explore her moral compass–and rereading Bridget Jones’s Diary. Sometimes it’s nice to be reminded that other people, fictional as they may be, are crazier than I am.

It’s nice to feel happy today. I’m excited to see what happens tomorrow. I’m actually in a mood where I may be able to set microscopically short term goals (read: 2-4 hours at a time) and accomplish them, like “Review Devin’s chapters” and “Finish setting up ticketing instructions” and “Re-lace tennis shoes.” Beats the hell out of the last goal I set up.

Post-Publication Amendment:

I definitely have this song stuck in my head. It’s just pretty. Damn these earworm factories.


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