Day 5 (Saturday)

  • Straight to work 2.5 hours early, no sleep
  • Met people I’ve wanted to meet for years
  • Helped with the communication flow during a massive system update
  • Sneezed, like, a million times
  • Fell asleep as soon as I got home (thank you, Benadryl)
  • Hung out with Mom (watched Castle on Hulu)
  • Watched too many episodes of Nikita

Food-wise, the day was pretty regrettable. A lot of sugar, some vegetables around breakfast.

The emotions all day were pretty up and down. I don’t know if it was mental exhaustion, allergies, or what. One minute, I was totally fine, the next a basketcase. My thoughts were/are all over the place. I’ve been doing better when I’m wholly focused on something distracting. In the early AM, it was work–watching brilliant men and women pull together a piece of the merger, overcome hiccups, and successfully communicate the changes to our employees.

In the evening, it was falling into season 1 of Nikita, which I’ve never watched all the way through. I love the character-driven narratives. Each character has his or her own story and moral compass, without the petty crap of soap operas. That, and Shane West is marvelous in that broody, emotionally damaged way.

The only time I fell apart was when the show stopped, so I just kept watching . . . and watching, and watching, and watching. The good thing is the creative wheels are turning in my mind. Distractions are good sometimes.


2 thoughts on “Distractions

  1. I have days that seem like the familiar cycles I suffered when an untreated bipolar. When the highs and lows hit hard, I make every attempt to spend time alone. Meditating, journaling, or go for a walk with a soothing music playing in my ears. It’s a fight for me everyday.


    • I hear you. Journaling is my number one outlet, and going for a walk with a friend is my second. Meditation has been really difficult for me, since my mind tends to jump around.

      Thank you, thank you for sharing.

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