Stepping Back

Day 1 (yesterday):

  • Decided to go into work 2 hours later than originally planned.
  • Had two slices of toast for breakfast.
  • Cried on the way to work, listening to NPR.
  • Made it through, like, 2 hours of queue training thanks to a bottle of Mountain Dew.
  • Told my mentor (Diane) the whole story. Well, almost the whole story. Like, 78% of the whole story.
  • Ate 4 baby carrots and a celery stick due to Diane making me.
  • Cried on the way home from work, listening to NPR.
  • Stopped at the mall, because fuck rush hour traffic.
  • Wrote a journal entry.
  • Consumed a venti Caramel Flan Frappuccino that was WAY too sugary (never again, but I got the rest of my calories in for the day. My CrossFit coach would be ashamed).
  • Cried in front of a very open window. Scared off some Starbucks customers.
  • Didn’t make any rash purchases.
  • Did buy shoes for work (brown) and socks (polka dot).
  • Did buy The Princess Bride in hardback (finally!).
  • Drove home. Only cried when Arctic Monkeys came on.
  • Doctor’s office didn’t call with referrals, so found the number of a psychiatrist with a name I like on the health insurance website.
  • Unsubscribed from Thought Catalog and all of their “How to Deal With Your Shitty Life”-style posts.
  • Took a sleeping pill.

In a non-vain vein, my heart goes out to the families and friends of the passengers on Germanwings flight 9525. There are no words to ease your pain, or that will make this tragedy make sense. May peace find you in this devastating time.


5 thoughts on “Stepping Back

  1. I’ve cried all over the place…in art museums, restaurants, on planes you name it. Once I was on a plane and I lied and said my grandmother had just died and that was why I was crying. So dumb! It’s like it just doesn’t matter where you are. You can’t control it. Don’t be a stranger, okay?lily


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