Abroad (ish) Again (also, 3 reasons why KaLeena isn’t allowed to have a beer after work)

Thought I’d jump on here and give a quick update instead of letting the blog go silent for a week.

I’m currently in Winston-Salem, NC for work–some lovely ladies and I are on loan to another department to learn their functions so that my department can take some work off their plates. It’s one of those very cool “We’re all in this together” reminders that everyone needs when the landscape of the company is changing (you know, mergers and whatnot).

I have the fantastic (-ally daunting) task of translating Other Department’s training materials for my department. I recently learned that I do, in fact, have the ability to write materials for several different experience levels, including New-Hire-Off-The-Street, Has-Never-Been-On-An-Airplane, and Quite-Possibly-Hasn’t-Seen-A-Computer-Before.

In totally different news, I’m enthralled by my hotel for 2 reasons: 1) I love staying in hotels; 2) I’d totally decorate my house like this (which could very well happen sooner rather than later, depending on how the next 12 weeks goes, and if I can get 2 roommates that I wouldn’t mind sharing space with–no promises, though).

Anything else? Nope, nothing comes to mind at the moment.

Oh! Except that I’m listening to this band that’s kind of fantastic and totally homegrown-Arizona music (surprise, surprise). Check ’em out. The name’s Captain Squeegee, and I’m a little addicted at the moment, to the point they’re the only band I’ve been listening to on this business trip.

Much love, friends! How’s your week going? Doing anything new and exciting?

OH! Hey, don’t tell my boss, but I also learned how to open a beer bottle with a car key. Not near a car. In my hotel room. Alone. Because I drink alone. I should probably delete this whole paragraph. BUT Goose Island (Chicago, IL) 312 Urban Wheat Ale is a lot better than I remember from 6 months ago (unfiltered wheat ale, but doesn’t look unfiltered; not too hoppy). And Breckenridge (Denver, CO) has a seriously tasty vanilla porter called Vanilla Porter (because who needs fancy beer names? Definitely not these guys).

And now I want to go to a brewery and do a beer tasting. Hmmmmmmmmmmmm.

This has been a public service announcement brought to you by KaLeena’s brain, in partnership with ADHD, Goose Island Beer Co., and Stone Brewing Co.

Oh–Stone Brewing, something or other, California–Pale Ale. Yup. That one’s good too.


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