When Writers Find A Book Sale

Hi, blogosphere. I’m going to tell you about my day.

Part 1

I went to work. I worked on a super cool project for two hours, and then I didn’t see my desk for the rest of the day. At one point, a colleague asked my partner, “Have you seen KaLeena?” to which my partner said, “Not since she disappeared with you–oh, wait! She disappeared with Peggy.” And then with Melissa, and then with Beta, and then with Beth, and then with Kathy, and then back to Beth, and then back to Beta, and then to Phyllis, and then back to Melissa. I think. Or, I could totally have all of that mixed up. Regardless, my desk could have been swapped out for a plank of plywood and two sawhorses and I would have no idea.

Part 2

I went drinking. At Village Inn. It was hot chocolate. I pretended it was Four Peaks Kilt Lifter for, like, a minute. It made me sad. I left my ID at home, so there was no actual Kilt Lifter involved. I did get the chance to talk to the other Beth, my dear friend that I’ve known for almost 4 years (sheesh! We met on my 20th birthday, and that was a disturbingly long time ago). Oooh, and I had a grilled ham and cheese sandwich (not actually on the menu, but that’s reason #232 why you make friends with the servers).

Part 3

The Barnes & Noble near my house is closing, so everything on their bargain shelves is half off. I spent a good portion of my tattoo money helping the folks at B&N pack up their store. Mom’s pretty pleased — not that I came home with 4 bags brimming with books, but that the money went to books instead of tattoos.

What books, you ask?

  • 3 history books
  • 7 novels
  • 2 architecture books
  • 4 new-agey books (we’re talking palmistry, mediation, etc. Which reminds me, I really need to get The Art of War, like, yesterday.)
  • 3 math books
  • 1 dictionary
  • 1 book about NASCAR
  • 5 blank journals
  • 11 jigsaw puzzles

Okay, so maybe not everything was books, but, uh, that’s a pretty wide variety of books. I picked up the book about palmistry and immediately followed it up with a daily devotional for mathematicians, followed again by a book about Auschwitz.

Here’s the thing, friends. Writers are weird. Like, I just went and bought two very different incense scents so that I can burn them together while meditating to get in the mindset to write a specific scene. In addition, I own several astrology books and the entire line of Saxon math textbooks. Let’s toss in my collection of Baptist hymnals and NASCAR bible (*drools*), and you’ll see why my boss just sorta looks at me with her eyebrows pinched in confusion before she shakes her head and walks away.

My brain is cluttered as hell some days, but every piece serves a purpose. I’ve been tasked to fix my magic system, so I’m researching different cultures and their beliefs. I’m writing a “history textbook” for my setting to help get some of this insanity out of my head and onto paper, so I’m reading novels from the time period to get the verbiage and sentence structure correct. Sometimes I just need to disconnect from my overwhelmed mind, so I put the creative aspect aside and do a puzzle or a problem set.

What happens when you run across a book sale? And how has your day been? God, it’s been forever since we’ve talked. Do you want to go to the Renaissance Faire with me? I’ve still got a small amount of my tattoo money left.


One thought on “When Writers Find A Book Sale

  1. Our local library recently had a book sale. I found out that a beloved book from my childhood, must have read it fifty times, actually has a sequel. Imagine that! I mean, this is the book that I asked my husband to bring to the hospital to read to me to help me remain calm during labor – it’s a comfort food book for me now. (Toots and the Upside-Down House, if you’re wondering.) And it had a sequel this whole time!

    I found romance novels that had titles and covers like what people joke about – I didn’t realize there were REAL books with REAL bare-chested muscle-men with long hair aggressively grasping a contorted woman with her bosoms pressed in the air. I laughed and laughed at them – quietly. We were in a library.

    I found a very low-grade reading book that I bought for when my daughter is ready to start reading. It’s about a mom, a dad, a little girl, and their two cats. At home, we have two cats so I thought it a good fit. There were a lot of my first grammar book kind of books and I would have bought them if we weren’t so dirt poor right now, since we want to homeschool. But they weren’t super good and there were a lot of them so it wasn’t worth the expense. My husband found a Legend of Zelda manga he snagged. I found a sci-fi book that looked funny and interesting.

    I tend to read for pleasure, so that’s what I look for in book sales, but my attention span makes it very difficult to look through every book. But then, when I want to get into the zone, that’s what my music’s for. Doesn’t help the “writers are weird” thing since my music involves an awful lot of soundtracks and very little contemporary or otherwise popular music. Usually only other Final Fantasy geeks or Homestuck nerds have an appreciation for what I listen to.

    And man, do I miss the Ren Faire.


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