Gotta Get Away

After 24 straight days of working 8 to 15 hours, not taking lunches or breaks, and generally kicking ass, my bosses were like, “Yo–go away.” So after some protesting (“But–but I still have stuff to do!”), I did.

2015-03-01 Beach Fort

If that doesn’t look like rest and relaxation to you, we can’t vacation together.


(Side note – I’m at a Denny’s and there’s a young man about my age with a rather grandfatherly moustache happening. I don’t know whether to be awed or concerned. He would be quite handsome with a shorter moustache, or no moustache.)

I disappeared to my favorite vacation spot – anywhere within driving distance of Vancouver, BC – but forgot my passport, so I settled for being in Washington for a week.

Yes, a week.

The picture above is from a lovely little place called Whidbey Island, which is on the other side of Puget Sound from, like, everything. I do mean EVERYTHING. Whidbey Island is densely forested, has exactly zero IHOPs, and houses a considerable number of retirees who prefer boating activities to chasing each other around in golf carts (for the record, retirees in Arizona spend 78% of their time driving golf carts around Sun City; the other 22% is spent wandering arts festivals in Payson).

My lovely not-by-blood brother, Taylor, joined me on this vacation. I think the conversation went something like this:

“Hey. Tay. Wanna go to Seattle?”

“Tell me when to be at the airport.”

Day 1 was spent exploring the aforementioned IHOP-less island (really, wouldn’t be that big of a deal except that I just drove 2 hours to an IHOP that was CLOSED, hence sitting at Denny’s near the ambiguously-aged moustached gentleman). We took many photos, videos, and made quite the family dinner, all while listening to our lord and saviour, Taylor Swift.

This is Taylor. Taylor is drinking hibiscus-flavored ginger beer. Taylor also forgot how to sit.

This is Taylor. Taylor is drinking hibiscus-flavored ginger beer. Taylor also forgot how to sit.

Day 2 was spent in the madly-creative urban hub that is Seattle-proper. Taylor and I wandered the city until well-past nightfall, darting in and out of our favorite stores. Some quick, disconnected thoughts about our adventure into the tourist trap that is everything from Westlake to Pike Place:

  • Lion Heart Bookstore, you will always be the best bookstore on the planet, even if David was on vacation the same week that I was on vacation
  • Shout-out to the marvelous and clever Ethan at Marbles, who now manages my favorite little store at Westlake (and remembered my name and the industry I work for, which is extremely impressive)
  • On the Marbles note, if anyone’s talked to Christian lately, Taylor would like a word with him
This is what my brain sees when I write my novels.

This is what my brain sees when I write my novels.

Day 3 found Taylor and I driving through the Cascade Mountains via Highway 2. Highway 2 happens to be the place that gave birth to my final setting for VHAMA 5 years ago (although, around mid-March 5 years ago there was snow in the Cascade Mountains, not moss and flowers).

Day 4 found Taylor on an airplane back to Arizona and me wandering SeaTac, chatting with former coworkers and trying to see what sort of trouble I could dig up. (To be fair, on the day I flew in, one of the airport agents was like, “Hey, I’m on hold with your department!” and I was like, “Hang up and let me handle it,” and then I handled it. I love my job.) After abandoning Taylor on an Airbus 320, I went back downtown to join yet another former coworker for drinks at Pike Brewing Co. (she recommends the Space Needle IPA and Bison Burger; I stuck with the Pike Pale Ale paired with fish and chips).

Day 5 was spent alone in a half-meditative, half-completely exhausted state. I didn’t go anywhere until after sundown, and if you’ve ever driven through dense and unfamiliar forests after sundown, you know that balls of steel are a must, otherwise there is a good chance you might scream due to rudely frightening shadows. I intended at first to just journey to the opposite tip of the island–instead, I did a massive, 3+ hour loop that ended with me standing alone on the forward passenger deck of a ferry at midnight, beneath the brilliant, beaming full moon.

Overall, the vacation was a success. There were three old acquaintances I hoped to see whose paths I didn’t manage to cross, but that’s just a reason to work another 24 straight days and take the first week of April off, yeah?


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