So It Continues…

Friends, the week has not gotten any less crazy than it was when I wrote my 1500-word rant about this lovely process of merging two not-so-tiny airlines into one gargantuan airline of enormous enormity.

Did I mention I haven’t been sleeping well?

It’s been a week of stress-induced nightmares (and I am NOT one to have nightmares, like, ever. Before these last two weeks, the last nightmare I remember happened when I was 11). I wake up reaching for my alarm to make sure I haven’t overslept. I recite training materials in my dreams, teaching the pupils in my subconscious over and over and over again.

On the positive side, a slight adjustment in my shift has allowed me to work insane hours (we’re talking about 70 hours a week with rotating start times), keep up on sleep (sort of), and see my dearly beloved sanity-keepers (this means I hung out with Taylor, Cutter, and Erica, all of whom listened to me rant for anywhere from 20 minutes to 3 1/2 hours). I’ve been extremely blessed to have these folks in my corner over the last couple of weeks while I’m adjusting to my new responsibilities and the frustrations that come along with them.

(God, my sentence structure is atrocious. Anyone care to be my copy-editor until about  . . . uh . . . October? I can pay you in Goldfish and lemon creme sandwich cookies. All in all, you’d be making about $7.45 a week in carbs.)

As frustrated as I’ve been, I realize that it’s mostly due to my difficulty sleeping. It’s time to pull out the meditation skills and clear my head each night before I go to bed. Once I learn to relax again (once I learn that I’ve got this training stuff down and not to stress out over it), my frustration will dissipate and I will be able to continue working these extra hours, sleep well each night, and spend time listening to my dear friends rather than them listening to me.

I so look forward to returning to those days.

How has your week gone, friends? Any rants you need to get off your chest? I am more than happy to be your sounding board, though, only take my advice if my eyes are dark blue. If they’re light blue, this means I haven’t slept, and I’m likely to tell you something utterly random, like take revenge on your boss by covering his/her office in pictures of zoo animals and implying that your boss is finally among his/her own kind.

Yup, it’s time for bed.


Now that you've read my thoughts, what are yours?

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