Just Write

I’ve been doing a lot of freewriting lately, both on here and in notebooks around my home. It’s been freeing, to just let the ideas flow without concern of trying to advance the plots of my active stories. I’ve been able to explore different ideas, different mentalities for my characters while I struggle with the direction I want to go.

It helps that life has been a bit absurd lately. I am not one to get nightmares, but Wednesday morning, I woke up mentally unwell after a dream I can still remember. My regular responsibilities were disposed of for the rest of the week (read: I chose to stay home with my mom rather than go to the gym) while I tried to work through the fog left by the dream. I haven’t tried interpreting the nightmare, but I’m pretty sure most psychologists would consider me a lunatic for allowing it to unnerve me. Who has nightmares about laundry racks, anyway?

The fog hasn’t gone away–some emotional damages have come to light and I’m working on those (you’ll probably see a few more freewrites over the next week since it’s cheaper than therapy)–but work is doing an excellent job of keeping me happy and focused in the hours I’m there. That is a huge bonus, and I’m extremely blessed to have a job that stays active and intriguing.

To top it all off, Dry River Yacht Club is playing tonight at Crescent Ballroom, and I’ve only been waiting, like, three months to see them again. Then again, waiting seems to be the story of my life right now (I think I’ve discovered the theme of the next freewrite!).

I hope you all, old friends, new friends, and friends-in-between, are having a wonderful 2015 so far. Enjoy your weekend, and I’ll write again soon!


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