Goodbye 2014, Hello New Beginnings!

I learned around the age of 16 that New Year’s resolutions and I aren’t meant to be. We don’t attend the same parties, we don’t have any combined interests, and we when we do get together, three months later we’re fighting again. Therefore, during my senior year of high school, I broke up with New Year’s resolutions.

My New Year’s traditions differ, then, a little from most people I know. Instead of resolutions to eat better that get posted on the fridge and tossed away by mid-February, I make a simple deal with the Universe: this year is going to be the best year of my life.

This has worked for about 6 years. 2014 is on the fence, and honestly, I think 2014 is going to be graded retroactively. Amazing things beyond my wildest dreams happened this year, definitely. Then there were the bad things that happened, and those weigh heavier on my mind right now. Weirdly enough, I knew going into 2014 that it would be an off year.There was hesitation in my confidence that 2014 would be the best year yet.

That hesitation doesn’t exist today. In fact, if anything, today I feel more confident than I have in any previous year, that come midnight, the best year of my life will start. It helps that I get to kick off New Year’s with people I love, followed by working a job I love, followed by 3 days of nothing but wedding activities for my dear friend Stephanie, finally followed by taking a 5-day vacation to anywhere.

In my family, there’s this idea that whatever you are doing at midnight on January 1st is will somehow define your year. I must not have liked whatever I did last year, considering I cannot for the life of me remember what I was doing (maybe this is why I’ve been so absent-minded this year?). Historically, I’ve been working at midnight, which led to a few very productive years. I wonder what it means to be snogging a stranger at midnight? I think I’ll let someone else learn that lesson.

Later today, I’m going to write a list of goals for 2015 that will get placed behind a random picture frame and forgotten about approximately until someone accidentally knocks the frame off the wall (it happens). This is more of a way of communicating with Future Me about the things I want at this moment. Most of the time, the goals end up being way off course from how the year actually went, and that’s usually a good thing. However, this year I have some pretty strong feelings, mostly on the world-traveler front, of where I’m going to end up (there’s this fantastic little Mediterranean country I plan to spend a few weeks exploring, somehow, some way).

My apologies if the thoughts here are super disconnected. I started writing the post, took a nap, and now have to be running off to meet a friend for lunch. Tell me about your New Year’s Eve traditions in the comments! Do you set off fireworks? Travel back home to be with your childhood best friends? Make out with strangers on Mill Avenue by saying you need to “practice” your midnight kiss? (<–I kind of want to use that line, but I feel like there would be alcohol required, and that’s just not going to happen.) (It’s cool, I’ll just use a Harry Potter-related pick-up line.) (I won’t. I’m way too reserved to do something like that. But for the record, are you a dementor? Because you totally take my breath away. I’d totally let you steal my soul at midnight, if you were so inclined.) (That was probably the weirdest thing I’ve ever posted on the internet. Anyone have access to MySpace and care to verify if this is true?)

Anywho. Comments, comments, comments! Have a wonderful, safe New Year’s Eve and I will see each of you lovelies on the other side!


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