Uncovering Boredom

This semester, I had a professor who recommended we take a day to just be bored. He told us not to read a book or turn on the television or open Facebook, but just be bored in an effort to explore our minds.

Yesterday, after exhausting my Facebook feed and all desire to do anything, I decided to try this boredom exploration thing. The results were . . . interesting.

Firstly, I learned that my capacity for silence has grown considerably since last year. In fact, when I am enjoying silence (or a specific noise, like friends talking), anything that breaks in immediately makes me unreasonably annoyed (back the specific noise–this is why I can’t stand it when my friends are hanging out and someone has to go turn on the goddamn television because he’s bored). I have an extremely hard time holding focus, so interruptions are extremely unwelcome. Yesterday, the interruption came from the pitbull whining because the shih-tzu was on his bed. Yes, really.

Secondly, I learned that my mind is very creative in dealing with my stressors. There are a few things I’m trying to work through, mentally, before I deal with them in my writing or in real life (that only sounds like I’m a little bit crazy). Over the course of six hours, I think I imagined between 4 and 6 different scenarios for overcoming each obstacle. (One solution involved taking to WordPress to air grievances–thanks, brain, but I think I’ll find a different way.)

Thirdly, finally, I learned that being inside of my own head without any distraction is actually kind of relaxing. I don’t know about you guys, but when I’m bored I get really, really tired of scrolling through Facebook or trying to find music that fits my mood or marathoning through 12 hours of Doctor Who. There are days when those are absolutely enjoyable things to do, but then there are days when an exercise like this really fit the bill.

Would you guys ever take the time to just sit and embrace being bored? I hear there’s a 3 year, 3 month, and 3 day program in the Tibet-area where they teach you to meditate like nobody’s business. Not like I want to fall off the face of the earth or anything, but I kind of want to do it.




Now that you've read my thoughts, what are yours?

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