Another One of Those Days

This is a terrible post, so just bear with me. And just so you know, I started 3 different posts with 3 different topics before saying “to hell with this,” and taking off for a walk. Then I came back to my computer, wrote that sentence, and said, “to hell with this,” again before taking off for a drive.

Here’s the thing: I have “bad thoughts” days every now and again. They occur for stupid reasons, usually because something completely inane is stressing me out. I let it root in my thoughts, and then it just sort of takes over my entire mood. It’s not okay, but it happens.

When these thoughts take hold, I get all sorts of discontent. I want to be home, but then I want to get coffee, but then I want to take a walk, but then I want to hang out with my closest friends.

Being with my friends is where the discontent stops. My friends are able to pull me out of my mood, out of my thoughts, and redirect them towards something positive. Thankfully, a friend offered to join me on my drive, which led to laughter, Christmas lights, and the dissolution of those bad thoughts.

Never underestimate the power of the people in your life, and make sure you take the effort to keep the good ones around.


Now that you've read my thoughts, what are yours?

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