Almost There. . . .

Okay, so my last final is a term paper due tomorrow (and everyone says “Yay!” because it’s the last; not because it’s a term paper). This will definitely lead to an all nighter at the local Denny’s with a bowl of mozzarella sticks and iced tea (no lemon). (Table 15, if you were wondering; there’s a particular side of the store that I like, and the other table with an outlet is an actual table, not a booth.) (Triplicate parentheses to say, “Welcome to the sleep-deprived mind of KaLeena. Run now or forever hold your peas.”)

I’m not going to run off and just leave you with 100 words and well wishes like I did last Monday. Today, I would actually like to share something with you. Surprisingly, it actually has to do with the insane narrative that’s been in my head since I was 12.

Currently the love of my life.

Currently the love of my life.

I have been trying to draw this since the age of 14. I didn’t know it looked like this. I didn’t even have clue there would be a compass involved. Originally, there was a rose, a sword, and a bow in horrible juxtaposition with each other to make an awkward circle-triangle disaster. This design hit me in the middle of taking a call at work on Saturday, and that was the end of my brain wanting to focus on anything non-VHAMA-related.

What is it, you ask?

The main characters of my series, Devin and Patrick, are part of an army (for lack of a better term) made of high school and college students. The symbol above is the tattoo with which they brand their incoming members.

The drawing is still incomplete–I’m going to do more work on the shadows as most of the contrast you’re seeing there is courtesy of Lightroom and not my pencils.

Someday, I will tell you the full story of how the Compass came to be a part of this design, but that story itself is still so much of a mystery even to me. I have this sneaking feeling (it’s becoming less sneaky by the day) that the Compass is going to be the most important facet of my story. It’s shown me a new direction, we’ll say.

(A chuckle? A groan? A shake of the head? Anything?)

Have you ever had something come completely from the blue to inspire you? Do you mind sharing your story with me?

Have a wonderful Monday, friends! Thank you for dropping by.


8 thoughts on “Almost There. . . .

  1. I know how you feel, I’ve been pulling late nights for a while now and I’m sooooo tired. Just keep it up, it’s almost over. Also great image, I thought it was an actual item and not a drawing. Keep drawing, and good luck with your story.


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