Happy Thanksgiving, friends!

Happy Thanksgiving to all of you, dear readers! I hope your tummies are as full as your hearts. I also hope your families don’t irritate the living hell out of you, that your uncles have found new jokes to tell instead of the same old ones, and that your cousin’s vegan girlfriend doesn’t stand around making everyone feel awkward as they pile turkey and sour cream mashed potatoes and mac & cheese on their plates.

At some point in the near-ish future, I will have to fill you in on the true miracle that is “Friendsgiving,” which my lovely family of friends pulled off on Tuesday. Let us just say, it’s exactly like Thanksgiving with your blood relatives.

Have a wonderful day, friends! I will be posting once more today, so check back later if you need to take a break from all of the festivities for what will possibly be the longest post ever.


2 thoughts on “Happy Thanksgiving, friends!

  1. Friendsgiving is the best holiday! I do one every year with my roommates. We drink wine (probably a little more than we should) and everyone brings a dish and there is always way more food than we need. This year I was able to have a friends and a thanksgiving with my family back east.


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