Something Worth Saving

People don’t always see what I see. They can’t, because they are blinded by prejudice, by preconception, by themselves. People can only perceive the things that fit within their schema, which is why the jock doesn’t recognize why people don’t like his sport, or the girl who feels ugly doesn’t see the handsome boy who likes her.

To have a mind which is open is a blessing and a rarity. I am proud of my ability to see beyond the norm, because I refuse to accept people as unchangeable beings. A personality is fluid, different from one interaction to the next, ever moving in some new direction to adapt to the flow of the social landscape.

This is why people didn’t see him, struggling, sitting on his cell phone whispering to a girl. Based on the hollowness in his eyes, the slouch of his shoulders, the hopelessness in his breath, this girl broke his heart. But people only saw the nod and cocky smile he gave to the young woman in a sheer white skirt. They saw the way his unforgiving eyes rated the next girl who passed as a 4, maybe a 4.5.

They didn’t see the switch that occurred when he hung up his phone. They didn’t see him go from vulnerable to impenetrable with the push of a button. They couldn’t. It didn’t fit with their view of him.

Maybe if they could just see what I saw, maybe they would see something worth fighting for.


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