Friday – 6:30 PM – Tempe Marketplace

I know, I know I’m a day late. I swear to God, I started this yesterday, but then things happened, like trying to plan Thanksgiving with my dearly distracted friends. Seriously, a group chat on Facebook may sound like a good idea to begin with, but by the end, you’re just going to end up with a bunch of side dishes, asking the vegetarian to cook the turkey, and 10 hours of Legolas taking the hobbits to Isengard.

On to better subjects. You guys know I love local music, right? Like, will lose ungodly amounts of sleep to see the awesome Phoenix-area bands that inspire my writerly soul? Well, it’s about to happen again (to be fair, my bed time is supposed to be 7 PM–someday, I’ll actually work normal people hours).

Friday night, my good friend Cutter Videan (accompanied by the lovely Darling Sounds) is performing at the Night Gallery at Tempe Marketplace around 6:30. Ish. Cutter is debuting his thesis album, Labyrinths, based on the Jorge Luis Borges short story collection of the same name.

Flyer/ticket design by the amazing Sal Galvan, whose other works are linked if you click his name.

What is a “thesis album,” you ask? It’s what happens when you put someone like Cutter (who was actually created by a luthier rather than through natural means) in Barrett Honors College and they require that he do an undergraduate thesis. Being that he was literally created for the production of music, Cutter decided that a mere research paper wouldn’t be interesting enough. He instead created an album, which he explains way better than I can here (<-that’s a link, for those of you confused by my grammar), including a tl;dr section at the end if you just want the nutshell. Bonus–there are also teasers for 3 of the songs in that post, so if you bypassed that link, definitely reconsider.

(This is all before he goes to defend his concept album made of pure Lit Rock awesome in front of his thesis board on December 3rd, another date you should mark on your calendars to send well wishes his way.)

(That parenthetical paragraph was definitely put there just so I could link to that comic.)

As if you needed more of a reason to go to this show, you will also be able to see the artwork that the talented (and equally beautiful) Ariana Enriquez also submitted to this project.  Between the gifted artists, the deft musicians, and the great company you’ll find in the audience, the real question is why wouldn’t you attend?

Remember: Night Gallery. Tempe Marketplace. Friday (tomorrow!). 6:30(ish).



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