What Does Your Soul Look Like?

It sounds like the beginning of a PlayBuzz quiz (or a Blogthings quiz . . . oh, the days of MySpace), but there are no multiple choice answers here.

I’m curious, because my brother and I have been talking about our souls a lot recently–mostly how we have this freaky ESP thing going (seriously, what two people independently start using “penguin” as a term of endearment on the same freaking day without the slightest conversation of penguins in months? PENGUIN.) My soul is basically 1/3 identical to Taylor’s (brother), 1/3 identical to KaLynne’s (sister), and 1/2 my own (KaLynne and Taylor’s pieces overlap).

The part that Taylor, KaLynne, and I share loves bread, diner food, driving around the city at 2 am, hanging out with friends, and creating insane narratives about how things happen.

The part of my soul I share only with Taylor is super-hopelessly romantic, loves playing on the swings, goes house-hunting at midnight, wears blanket capes, dresses up fancy just because, is totally cool eating a tub of turkey with nothing else, and adores walking down the middle of the street because sidewalks are too mainstream.

The part of my soul I share only with KaLynne gets the frustration of the people who have only seen the movies, counts down the days to the midnight premieres, loves to fake argue to annoy the relatives, understands the need to disappear with a book for hours on end, and buys mason jars instead of real glasses.

The rest of my soul is basically a combination of my novel, unpolished poetry, alternative rock, Beethoven’s Fifth, dancing alone in my living room, acting out conversations I have in my head, learning everything there is to know about the new computer system at work, and working hard to inspire the people closest to me to follow their dreams down whatever dark alley their dreams want to take them.

So, if I may ask, what does your soul look like? Who do you share it with? If you don’t share it with anyone, is there a person whom you would like to share it with? Is is made of words, music, or pictures? What parts of your soul feel true to who you want to be and what parts of your soul are you ready to replace with better things?

Actually, that last question might just end up a post all of it’s own. I am truly curious, however, and merely liking this post isn’t going to tell me a damn thing about the state of your soul. Please use the comment box down below!


3 thoughts on “What Does Your Soul Look Like?

  1. It’s so crazy how things like “the Penguin thing” happen! My best friend and I must have been conjoined twins in a past life..or at least regular twins. She lives in Texas, and when we go to see each other we will have purchased the same exact clothes or colored our hair the same without knowing. Also, one time we were walking through a store and at the same time started singing “the hills are alive with the sound of music” without any warning or speaking of it beforehand. Probably one of the best things that’s ever happened.


    • That is fantastic! I love hearing stories like that. My sister and I have done weird things like that for years, but it still gets me every time. You and your best friend sound like you have quite the connection.


  2. This seems to happen to me when I spend a lot of time with a person. Usually it happens with my roommates, my cousin (who I now live with), but my best friend, no matter where we are or how long we haven’t spoken or have not been together we’re always on the same “wave”. It’s so weird.


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