Getting Out of My Head

Dearest friends and darling readers, I need advice.

I need to take a vacation from my own head for a bit if I am going to survive the rest of this semester. See, I have this problem that when something intrigues me (a novel, an album, a person, a television show, etc.), I allow that something to take residence in my thoughts so that literally nothing else exists in my world (see: 5th grade and Harry Potter; 6th grade and Harry Potter; 7th grade and VHAMA; high school and hormones [actually led to failing a class]; college and VHAMA/work [actually led to dropping out of three independent semesters and failing several classes; I have no idea how I am not on academic probation]).

Here’s the problem: I have a job that I love, a novel I am dying to finish, and classes that I probably should try not to fail (institutionalized education is slowly killing my soul, however, so I’m on the fence about actually completing my degree). I also have something that intrigues me so much that I go to sleep thinking about it, wake up thinking about it, and go through my day thinking about it. My ability to become obsessed with puzzles is not something I am proud of, but definitely something I need help with.

This is where you come in, dear readers. When something takes up residence in your thoughts that you should not be thinking about (I know a few of you have this issue with certain videogames and television shows), how do you trick/convince yourself into focusing on the proper things? I am trying to develop my own habits to cope with this issue, but I have found no working tactic that I can use anywhere at any time. Any advice would be gratefully welcomed, friends.


2 thoughts on “Getting Out of My Head

  1. the way i get out of my head and get things done 1. music 2. going to the library and 3. staying away from all my comfortable places like home.

    going to the library creates more energy for me because i see other people getting things done. avoiding home means avoiding MY distractions such as my PS3 and SOA. Music does no harm, in fact, it contributes to my energy.


    • I like the observation of staying away from the places where you are comfortable. I had a bad, bad moment today when I needed to escape, and mentally, going home was not even an option. When moods like that hit, taking a long drive to somewhere new, turning down an unknown street and finding out where it leads is the best therapy for me.

      Going to the library is another excellent trick, one that I’ve forgotten about since community college. I appreciate the reminder. That’s always worked for me, too.


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