Now For A Message From Our Sponsors

As you should all be aware, everything (like my blog) was inspired by something (like the people in my life). Due to certain events, I will be focusing on the something this week instead of the everythingHowever, to make up for it, I will double up on posts next week and the world will soon balance itself out.

You will be okay.

Translation: See you all next Monday!

In the meantime, you should totally read the first three installments of Paternity:

Part 1: In Which Annabeth’s First Diary is Found

Part 2: In Which We Find Out Andrew is Not Bradley’s Father

Part 3: In Which Annabeth’s Second Diary is Found

Or, if that’s super lame to you, I hear my horrid attempt at flash fiction has the #3 most views on the whole blog. (Flash fiction means it will take you like 8 seconds to read. Come on, do you have 8 seconds? I think you do.)

Where Urban Streets End

Are you disappointed in me? Tell me why or why not in the comments below (answers will be graded based on grammar, spelling, length, and depth of content. Spambots immediately get a zero on the assignment).


2 thoughts on “Now For A Message From Our Sponsors

  1. Beep boop beep! *Tinny male voice* My name is Cutter. I am here to critique the everything. CRITIQUE! CRITIQUE! CRITIQUE!

    … *Cutter voice* Well that was weird… Your flash fic was good, ya crazy. Needed more sequins or nudity or flashlights though… *waits expectantly to hear laughs through the internet* God that was an awful pun/joke. I sincerely apologise.

    But seriously, your stuff is awesome keep it up! 😀

    Liked by 1 person

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